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Your practice is growing by the day and so are your clinical documentation and transactions with multiple payers. By outsourcing your medical billing, you can get all your rightful revenues reimbursed faster, making sure your earning expectations are met regularly. It relieves you from administrative tasks and insurance transactions, allowing you to spend more time with patients and concentrate on the quality of your medical practice.
All of MDSprout’s services together (Medical billing, Credentialing, Patient Statements, Insurance-Eligibility, Customized Online Reports and Electronic Document Management) will cost you just 3% of the collections you actually make. That way you can maximize the full potential of outsourcing with us. However, credit card transactions and printing costs may add up to extra costs but we try our best to give you more cost-effective solutions regularly in the process.
Rest assured of complete charge capture as MDSprout identifies the right ICD & CPT codes in your specialty, distinguishes between similar ones and corrects errors with accepted medical terminologies wherever necessary. Be it superbills or CMS-1500 forms, our care and precision with each field of information at all stages take away your billing worries and let you concentrate on your practice.
When you sign up with MDSProut, you get free access to the My Adaptamed EHR software that connects you with all our medical billing services and documentation end-end and real-time. It’s simple, user-friendly and compatible for lead-generation outsourcing. Additionally, you will also get free access to our clearing house client – Office Ally- where you can find out the status of your pending claims and save information whenever you like in the standard ERA 835 format.
We promise you best-in-class integrated medical billing services. Our dedicated team is committed to coach you through end-to-end process, be it coding, documentation or EHR-related tech support, whenever necessary.
No matter what the healthcare plan is, we thoroughly aggregate superbill data and payee account information in standard formats prescribed by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. Once superbills and CMS 1500 forms are authorized, we upload them as insurance claims to corresponding payers, in time and on priority. If a claim is rejected, we double check all fields of information based on Explanations of Benefit and make resubmissions in time before denials are notified. If an EOB received from the payer shows a balance amount, we manually look for valid Secondary Insurance data and create a suitable claim that secures full payment immediately. Finally, we maintain a secure database of your collections and receivables, track other arrears you may have skipped and spearhead all pending payments to your account.
MDSprout is wary of how important it is for a medical practice to be ICD-10 ready. That’s why we have spent the last few years studying the ICD-10 coding system and are now fully proficient in the all new version (both CM and PCS). Team MDSprout will ensure your smooth transition to the system through training and education modules on coding and clinical documentation. The EHR’s crosswalk facility will help you with better recitation of latest codes, but we ensure you will gradually learn not to depend on it. Meanwhile, we will also make sure your payers encounter the least number of issues with the transition and your collections come straight to your account.
We optimize coding in the ICD-9 system for a certain period of time after which the transition to ICD-10 must have been completed with the help of our medical billers.