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Earn what is yours faster than ever

Our medical billing services will increase your cash flows and make your practice more profitable. Take a look!

  • MDSPROUT's unparalleled combination of medical billing expertise, deep industry experience and stellar customer service will let you spend more quality time with your patients.

    We tailor-make our Medical Billing services to meet the needs of your specialty.

    • Sending out and ensuring completion and closure of all types of insurance claims
    • Keeping a track of unpaid and incomplete claims and initiating medical necessity communication whenever required.
    • Posting payments to both patient and payer account
    • Generating comprehensive patient statements.
    • Updating medical codes and providing overall financial and productivity analysis regularly.
    • Processing compensation for employees including rehabilitation and other DE claims

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  • With our EMR/EHR software, you and your team can access appointments, patient notes, documents and everything you need w.r.t. your practice anywhere, anytime. You can generate and send your patient statements with the click of a button and our state-of-the-art software will help you process, print and mail clear and concise patient statements quickly and accurately.

    Also, our EHR software is simple, compatible for outsourcing and rated one of the top ten EHRs in the world.

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  • MD​SPROUT'S​ Audit ​Protection service makes sure that your practice is free from possible records of fraudulent medical claims. Whether it be coding anomalies, documentation support or payment-related concerns, MDS​PROUT​ conducts checks over vast billing data and optimizes solutions to correct them, helping your practice gain good ratings in the Recovery Audit Contract process.

    We conduct checks over fifty billing files picked at random for coding and compliance requirements and help initiate appropriate changes for better audit results.

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  • Practices are required to consider CodeSmart services that corroborated your medical coding with accepted universal standards like ICD-10, CMS, ICDCPT, and HCPCS. This particular service provides access to professional coders who make up for the deficiencies in manual coding. It also optimizes codes and modifiers automatically to the latest format and in case of any error. This will ensure not only compliance but also rake up your revenues by eliminating the possibility of denials or rejected claims.

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  • Get your practice fully recognized!

    MDSPROUT's credentialing service helps you stay relevant with a range of healthcare plans, Medicare, hospitals and other facility privileges. We get your latest credentials of medical care experience and expertise recognized on a number of payer networks accurately. With MDSprout’s knowledge on this domain, rest assured of better visibility with payers, zero claim rejections and higher bottom lines.

    We not only maintain records of all applications but also process the credentialing of your practice till the very end and update you on each development with detailed reports. We also take care of the confidentiality of your credentials​

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  • Relieve yourself from physical storage space.

    With MDSprout on board, you can accelerate your payment velocity by preventing loss of medical records on My Adaptamed’s Electronic Document Management. Do away with file cabinets in your office as we scan all your documents and make them centrally available online so you can find your records instantly. This will save you the expense of large amount of storage space.

    MDSPROUT also trains you on how to store, manage and retrieve data at your convenience. With DMS, you can transform your entire data management model into an efficient and lucrative one.​

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See what our clients have to say!

  • I have been a client of MDSPROUT for many years and have not once considered making a change. They constantly update and educate my office staff on any changes happening to billing or coding, and are always immediately available to follow-up on our requests and answer any questions we have. Their relentless follow up on all unpaid claims as well as their obvious attention to detail is unusual and most appreciated. This along with their high level of commitment makes me recommend them without reservation or qualification.

    Dr Lina L Schein MD
  • I have a medium sized internal medicine practice, and since the seamless transition to MDSPROUT more than 8 years ago collections have increased significantly, with a notable decrease in the delay of claim processing I experienced with my previous biller. Their obvious attention to detail and ongoing updates and education they have provided to me and my staffs have been invaluable. I can honestly say it has always been a pleasure to work with our account representative who is always available to answer questions and fulfill requests.

    Irineo D. Tiangco MD

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your practice is growing by the day and so are your clinical documentation and transactions with multiple payers. By outsourcing your medical billing, you can get all your rightful revenues reimbursed faster, making sure your earning expectations are met regularly. It relieves you from administrative tasks and insurance transactions, allowing you to spend more time with patients and concentrate on the quality of your medical practice.
    All of MDSprout’s services together (Medical billing, Credentialing, Patient Statements, Insurance-Eligibility, Customized Online Reports and Electronic Document Management) will cost you just 3% of the collections you actually make. That way you can maximize the full potential of outsourcing with us. However, credit card transactions and printing costs may add up to extra costs but we try our best to give you more cost-effective solutions regularly in the process.
    Rest assured of complete charge capture as MDSprout identifies the right ICD & CPT codes in your specialty, distinguishes between similar ones and corrects errors with accepted medical terminologies wherever necessary. Be it superbills or CMS-1500 forms, our care and precision with each field of information at all stages take away your billing worries and let you concentrate on your practice.
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